Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day....

Greetings all,

        This is Mat, Necia's husband.  I have taken over her blog for Mother's Day to share my appreciation for her.  I have never met anyone with a heart like hers.  She loves with all of her heart, and would do absolutely anything for those she cares about, without any thought to the personal sacrifice required. Necia would go to war for anyone she loves.  She has such an amazing heart for the 'little guy.'  This is one of the reasons she so loves orphans.  I am so grateful and inspired daily by her selfless love.

      Necia is both a dedicated mother and wife.  She works tirelessly at the things that so often go unnoticed.  I often forget to tell her how much it means to me that she takes care of all of the little things that go along with everyday life.  She does this while still making time to read to the kids, fix boo boos, and get all of those snuggles.  It amazes me.

     More important than any of that, I thank the Lord that he gave me a wonderful woman of God for a wife.  Her love for the Lord is incredible.  Her dedication to God inspires me to be a better man and to seek Him more.  She is an amazing prayer warrior.  I leave the house daily knowing that she is praying for all aspects of my day.  She is the perfect partner in raising the kids in the ways of the Lord, and is very much a Biblical wife.  I thank her and I thank God for providing me with such a wonderful partner to go through life with.

Necia, I love you .

P.S. - Don't kill me for posting this.


Jan Phillips said...

Mathew she is the answer to my prayers for the wife I wanted you to have and the Mother to my grandkids. You did good kid. Mom

Tiffany said...

Precious, Mat! You and Necia are just the most adorable, loving couple in the world and I cannot wait for you to get baby Isaac home!