Wednesday, July 4, 2012

June WBC

We got Isaac's WBC last month.  I love getting these.  It gives us a glimpse into his life.  We learned that he can now walk by himself.  He can bang two cubes together, put two blocks in a cup, and waves bye-bye.  He is now 13 months developmentally and his actual age is 17 months 8 days.  He weighs 21.3lbs and is 30.11 inches.  We are thrilled with the progress he is making!

I was looking back at a progress report we got in May.  It says that he stops doing something to hear "don't do it" and then starts doing it again and that he wiggles his body when he hears music on the TV. 

As of April he was being fed 2 T. of rice with soft side dishes such as seasoned laver (seaweed), steamed egg, tofu, ham, and fried fish twice a day.  His snacks are made up of soft cookies, bread, steamed sweet potatoes, peeled tangerines, oranges, sliced strawberries, and apples.  He gets formula in his bottle, but is also starting to drink water from a cup.

We sent our first care package last week.  I hope he enjoys everything.  We didn't get pictures last month, but hopefully we will get some new pictures this month.  Thank you for following our journey!


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