Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Prayers Needed

I received a phone call this afternoon from our adoption agency saying that they are going to let us review Isaac's file.  This is huge!  She said if we decide to move forward then we will be going before the committee in the next couple of weeks.  There is one other family that will be going to committee.  This causes me great anxiety!  I have tried not to think about the possibility that we won't be chosen, but now that we are just a few weeks away it is in the front of my mind.  I have known that adoption consists of a roller coaster of emotions, but my goodness nothing could prepare me for this. 

Ok prayer warriors, I need your prayers!  Please pray for our family as well as the other family while we wait for the committee's decision.  Please pray that God's perfect will is done and that I am able to accept whatever that might be.  Please pray that Isaac knows that there are two families that long to make him part of their forever family.  Finally, please pray that God receives glory through this process!

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Tiffany said...

You got it! I've got Bible Study at church tonight and we do prayer requests, so I'll be sure and include you guys there as well!